Plastic Lenses

Our standard glasses come with good quality plastic (CR-39) lenses. These lenses can be treated to provide additional UV protection and scratch resistance at a small additional charge.


Polycarbonate Lenses

We also provide polycarbonate lenses, a premium lens material that is thinner, lighter and stronger. Polycarbonate lenses feature 100% UV protection and are non-breakable, and for this reason are strongly recommended for children and people with active life styles. Some prescriptions and frames require polycarbonate lenses.


Lined Bifocals

Lined bifocal lenses are split into two segments to correct for both distance and near vision.


Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses are for people who need correction for near, far and everywhere in between without any distracting lines. Our progressive lenses are made by leading manufacturers including Zeiss, Varilux and other top progressive lens manufacturers.


Lens Treatments

Anti-reflective Crizal coating is our preferred option. Hard-coat to create a more scratch resistant surface, UV for plastic, edge polish are also available.


Transition Lenses

We provide and recommend transition lenses, which change between light and dark depending on the amount of ultraviolet light they are exposed to, for anyone who wears glasses continually, to protect the eyes whenever they are exposed to sun. Drivewear is the newest option that combines a polarized and transition lens.


Contact Lenses
Contact Lenses can be provided as long as the prescription you bring is intended for contact lenses and you know (or the prescription says) what kind of lens to order.


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